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New York’s luxury Park Hyatt hotel

Work out, a couple of blocks from Central Park

Park Hyatt New York is where you meet people, or rather you coincide, much to your surprise, with people you know.  During her short time there the gal ran unexpectedly into SmartFlyer travel advisor visionary Michael Holtz – he always swims here, it seems. Well, this 170-room hotel does offer the luxury of a full-size pool on the 25th floor: it is shared, apparently, with those who live in the residences that soar above (the entire building goes up to 90 floors).  From the 25th floor you can also take 21 stone steps up to the 26th floor Technogym, which has a peep-through view to Central Park, two blocks north of this hotel.

Peter Roth, Ingo Schweder

Yes, it is really well located, handy for Broadway to the west, the Apple Store and other Fifth Avenue magnets to the east.  Carnegie Hall is literally just across the road.  82.5% of those who stay here are Americans, and with average stay under two nights there is constant coming and going – one balance is the growing Australian business, and when Sydneysiders finally get in, after such a long flight, they obviously stay longer (what do they want here? Shopping, fitness and coffee, not necessarily in that order). I had excellent coffee, by the way, both from the Nespresso machine in my room, and at breakfast, with GOCO spa guru Ingo Schweder.

Swarm 11, ceiling-hung light installation

Sadly there just was not enough time to do justice to suite 1703, designed by Yabu Pushelberg in Manhattan colours, mostly dark and edgy but with sensational sensual carpets, with raised bits that seem to massage your bare feet as you walk around (the same feel as experienced in rooms at Park Hyatt Dubai). I liked so much about the suite, including the tortoiseshell holders, and bath rack, in the bathroom, which has Le Labo toiletries: the hotel partners with Le Labo, as well as Carnegie Hall and Nordstrom. Hotel GM Peter Roth, who oversees a group of New York City Hyatts plus hotels in Greenwich CT and Jersey City, told me about the redo of the hotel 250 sq m Presidential Suite – adding another room to make it a two bedroomer.

Peter Roth and Forbes’ Peter Kressaty, Filip Boyen

Happily for him the suite was occupied, so I could not see it, but he did show me one of the hotel’s new art works, a ceiling-hung light installation, Swarm 11, by Random International. This hangs in the event space that replaces what had been, at the opening of this luxury hotel in 2014, a restaurant.  But dining habits have changed, and now the very pleasant living room, with bar, serves breakfasts and hosts get-together of fashionistas, literati and other Manhattan types, day and evening long.  On my way out, and sadly away from this stylish venue, I ran into the Forbes Travel Guide leaders, recently-appointed CEO Filip Boyen and SVP Client Services Peter Kressaty.  This is one of those rare places that really does attract the right kind of networkers. SEE SUITE 1725