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The new Amaral Suite at Sofitel Legend Santa Clara

Part of the Amaral Suite’s deck

The new Amaral Suite at Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, Cartagena, is named in honour of artists Jim and Olga Amaral (she did the stunning El Sol gold hanging in the hotel’s lobby) – designed by Marcela Villegas, the Amaral Suite, which is 80 sq m inside, has a stunning 108 sq m deck¬†with pergola and private jacuzzi.¬†Sofitel Legend Santa Clara, GM Richard Launay, is one of the most memorable hotels in the entire Americas: a conversion of a 1621 convent, in Cartagena’s fascinating old town, as well as historic bits it has an entirely-indigenous garden in its cloister courtyard, and some staff members wear all-white embroidered fashion based on old portraits.