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A few days ago, tennis enthusiasts from all over the world were in BVI’s Necker Island for NECKER CUP 21.  This is the latest event hosted by Richard Branson but organised by Atlanta GA-based Remington Reynolds’ Premier Live. OH WHAT A GUY – R. Reynolds, not R. Branson. GIRLAHEAD IS SUPER IMPRESSED THAT SINCE GRADUATING IN 1999 FROM THE UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA Rem Reynolds (above) has founded over 15 companies.

These include PartnerTEL, Cost Management Group, HRG Real Estate, Infinite IT Recruiting Resources, Telcentrex, National Tennis Foundation, Technology Summits, BPO SA, Execucourt Office Suites, Racquet Club of the South, Premier Live, Fanjolt, Necker Cup, Necker Open, Legends Music, One World Trade Center US Open Players Party, Sarasota Open ATP Challenger, Yacht Golf Hong Kong and now Remington Reynolds Men’s Fashio. But back to Necker.  This event is organised by Premier Live, which Rem Reynolds co-founded with Trevor Short, one-time Necker tennis pro. They have pulled in Mehow Music, led by Mike Richards.

So, THIS IS INTERESTING. The programme for Necker Cup 2021 does not list any tennis participants, though it shows Rafa Nadal as a past player. The programme, by the way, is so packed it could well be that, like her last visit to Melbourne’s magnetic MELBOURNE CUP, Girlahead was so busy networking she never saw a single horse.  At Necker, now through Friday 19th November, days start with 7 a.m. breakfasts through to after-parties, starting at 10 p.m.  PERHAPS TENNIS, OR WATCHING IT, DOES GIVE STAMINA?

Seeing Rem Reynolds playing his guitar is a reminder that today, 28th November, is opening of NAAMA TSABAR’S PERIMETERS pop-up – it runs through to 17th April 2022. This is an Israeli female who takes real guitars, smashes’em to smithereens and the resulting shape-of-bits becomes art.  Oh well.

Things come up every day.  Yesterday was supposedly the final gala of the World Travel Awards in Moscow.  Awards founder Graham Cooke has apparently postponed the ceremony to 16th December. Finalists in the 274 categories – yes really – will be biting their nails. But even if announcements will eventually only be virtual, winners will milk the awards for all their marketing worth.

Talking of marketing, Corinthia has clever tactics. Champagne Laurent-Perrier features a coloured sketch of Tom Kerridge’s eponymous restaurant at The Corinthia London in quarter-page ads in quality UK papers (yes, there are still one or two…). Presumably the bubbly company pays and the hotel brand gains kudos.  WELL DONE CORINTHIA – hear the Malta-based company’s CEO Simon Naudi on PODCAST, here below: