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Morning glories aboard the luxury cruise ship that is my home for two weeks

Sunrise from Silver Shadow's jogging deck

Sunrise from Silver Shadow’s jogging deck

One of the best experiences of luxury cruising is watching sunrises. Obviously there are early-birds and night-owls and in this case it is the early-bird that catches the sunrises.  They are stunning, different every morning, and the clouds later in the day are always unique.  No one sky is like yesterday’s, says the gal.

Here on Silver Shadow I have on many days had the jogging deck all to myself as the sun comes up.  Occasionally I am joined by a pair of American runners (the Brazilians onboard are never seen until hours later). An Australian girl is in the gym when it opens at 6.30am.  At 6.45 the Polynesian doctor, a woman, walks the deck once before disappearing again down below the deck. At seven, Stephen from Germany, in charge of the food onboard, does a careful patrol of the outside, poolside café to check it is all clean. Sometimes men wander across the deck carrying capped paper cups of tea or coffee that they are obviously taking back to their lady love.

I wonder why they do not order room service.  It is so quick (Four Seasons‘ 15-minute delivery time cannot match the speed that this ship manages, with orders).   Later, I will go to breakfast at La Terrazza, where the fruit man always keeps me a plate of perfect mango, which I put with lots of fresh strawberries.  You eat marvellously, whatever you want.  This could go on for ever.  As someone says, your metabolism and mind go numb.  All responsibility is taken away from you when you sail with Silversea.