Luxury Hotels


General managers normally stand in front of green Christmas trees but Olivier Thomas is no normal manager. He runs a pretty abnormal hostelry, HOTEL DE PARIS in Monte-Carlo. It dominated the principality’s casino square, sharing top billing, of course, with the casino itself.

Olivier Thomas spent many years with Four Seasons and moved here spring 2023. Look, there is nothing like this, he say. Hôel de Paris is an institution. A Monte-Carlo resident, here many years, agreed. The American Bar here is the best (non-private) members club in Europe, he pointed out. If you don’t know the bar manager you have not arrived.

When Girlahead arrived she bounded into the main lobby, its four stone corner pillars arching up with giant tortoise shells inset before blending, barrel style, to the upper ceiling, supporting an elegant chandelier. Below the chandelier stood the tree. Remember this is no ‘normal tree’, it’s a gigantic napkin ring of a shiny metal sculpture emblazoned with the single word, Chopard. This might not be normal but it is appropriate: the entire hotel is a gallery of style.

Take going to the spa. An underground marble-lined corridor was specially constructed so hotel guests could reach Thermes Marins Sporting Club and wellness without getting rained upon. You therefore have plenty of exercise before even getting to the spa, but it’s well worth it. It is not exactly AI but there is an Elemis machine there that apparently does micro-peeling better than any human hand. The spa is appropriately serene and welcoming and calm. And Girlahead can testify that even four days later, post-treatment, she and her face felt absolutely exhilarated. Way above any norm.