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BERLIN – see above – soars to the top of Europe’s private jet world with today’s announcement of a future facility at Berlin Neuhardenberg Airport. Capable of handling aircraft up to A350s, this project is a joint venture between private aviation leader Jetex, and Airport Development A/S, whose principal shareholder and MD is Peter Sølbeck, the Copenhagen-based entrepreneur whose investments not only include the airline sector but real estate in UK and Europe. Girlahead expects Dubai-based Jetex possibly to build up a substantial air corridor between the German capital and UAE: flights listed for tomorrow on a variety of carriers all show at least one stop enroute.

Not much visible work needed in the Big Apple, where India’s top tycoon, Mukesh Ambani, has effectively bought MANDARIN ORIENTAL NEW YORK.  A year ago he bought STOKE PARK, a massive hotel plus golf and wellness operation 20 minutes from London’s Heathrow Airport.  Far from ‘doing obvious work’ there, he, or rather his team, closed the entire caboosh last October, with no stated re-opening in sight.  It does sound, however, that Mandarin Oriental New York will continue as-is, serving ultimate and fun luxury in bedrooms, super-spa and wining-and-dining at the south-west corner of Central Park.

THE FUTURE IS BETTER WITH ENHANCED MENTAL AWARENESS. Mandarin Oriental’s parent, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, recently released its list of the world’s best bookshops, as chosen by someone called Stuart Husband. For New York City he recommends The Strand, a 15-minute cab ride from Mandarin Oriental New York.  Similarly, for MANDARIN ORIENTAL BOSTON Bostonhe recommends Brookline Booksmith, also 15 minutes by car. In London, he likes John Sandoe Books. 20 minutes’ walk from MANDARIN ORIENTAL HYDE PARK LONDON. Girlahead would like to know why Husband has ignored market-leader Foyles, or Hayward Hill, the go-ahead bookshop that partners with London’s THE BEAUMONT, the hotel that offers real-virtual literary evenings.  Girlahead was riveted by ‘meeting’ author Eliot Higgins,  founder of Bellingcat, the investigative website which has broken scoop after scoop, including unmasking one of the alleged perpetrators of the Novichok attack in Salisbury.  (By the way some book-lovers are opening pop-up bookshops in disused, and cleaned, telephone boxes or garden sheds, others are, said yesterday’s Financial Times, starting 2022 New Year’s resolutions to read a book a week, helped by such aids as getting up earlier, reading anywhere, skimming, and for most fun reading something you know absolutely nothing about…)

But this is mainly a Mandarin Oriental story. Hear company COO Christoph Mares, here: