Luxury Hotels


MANDARIN ORIENTAL BANGKOK is an icon that keeps marvellously up to date. It had ceiling-floor cascading flower arrangements in its lobby years ago, with a macaroon boutique not far away. Today, by one of its two outdoor pools the array of goodies is supeer impressive, with whole fruits and drinks and magazines and sun lotion. The hotel’s just added massage chairs to facilities in the colleagues’ area, which also has sleep places, learning areas, fitness and medical.

The hotel knows how to look after its stakeholders. Longest tenure right now is a 42-year veteran.  Regular salute events are held to honour five years’ service, ten years’ and so on. There’s currently one father and son duo.  People are PROUD to be here, says Hotel Manager Alex Fuels.

And people, customers, are ecstatic.  Some come back again and again, knowing they will see the same elevator attendant, possibly the same room attendant. They also know there is a good chance a senior manager walking the lobby, ready to greet returns and other arrivals.

For regulars, expect something new, or a happening, each visit. The internal shopping arcade, down ten steps from the lobby, has changed since Girlahead’s last visit – it’s now offering a wine shop and several jewellers. The breakfast buffet has opened up, with a multitude of stations in what seems like a transplanted plantation house.

Every day there are events here. Look what Mandarin Oriental can suggest, above, as a wedding venue. The Authors’ Wing, home to Graham Greene at one time, is bedecked before dawn, ready for the happy couple.  Sometimes Thai weddings, apparently, start at 5 a.m. The set is more beautiful than anything Hollywood could produce.

This may be a mature magnifico but it is eternally exciting.