Luxury Hotels


One could say ‘oh the people you meet’ at ILTMs, wherever they are. At ILTM North America at Baha Mar in The Bahamas last month there was a great bunch of beautiful media, including a guy worried about his half-century wrinkles and a gal who’s undoubtedly the supremo of social media, at luxury level that is.
And then there’s Michaela, Michaela Guzy, that is. There she is, on the right of the image above. She’s flamboyant and lovely and the opposite of a shrinking violet. And she it is who owns that phrase, which she’s turned into one word. OhThePeopleYouMeet, or rather the people Michaela meets.  Celebs of the calibre of Jane Goodall are her highlights but she also chats with artists, chefs and designers.  She’s sold her content to Qatar Airways, and to Los Angeles’ KTLA and to M/LUX, which is Modern Luxury Media’s new Vizio streaming service. She also has a visual podcast, InspirationStation, aimed at Gen Z – it’s REAL PEOPLE + REAL STORIES reaching NEXT GEN (she has a laptop addicted to capitals).
The trouble is she appears to be homeless – she says she gave up her New York home in 2020 to document hotels worldwide, which has resulted SLEEPING AROUND SAFELY. Oh yes, she teaches travel storytelling and appears on screen on television companies across the USA.  And, like Girlahead, she is eldest of a family of four girls. Both of us, Michaela and me, we’re in the people-meeting world. globally. Life is worthwhile wonder