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This has been Milan’s moment – well, you might say, isn’t it always?  This last week, however, was very special. It hosted DUCO 18-22 March. See images above and below. DUCO organiser Carolina Perez is a Lisbon-based Brazilian-Italian dynamo who knows how to pull out all firepower to attract yet more visitors, especially Americans to Italy.

The Mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, welcomed everyone in person. A copious sponsors’ list included Milan’s Armani, Four Seasons, Palazzo Parigi and Park Hyatt, which one evening celebrated its 20 th birthday (opening GM and DSM, Claudio Ceccherelli and Andrea Filippi were there, of course).

On the first-night, La Dolce Vita Orient Express presented an actual train carriage, brought 982km from Brindisi. 300 top travel advisors went through the carriage. The company announced that first departures will be taking place in the Spring of 2025. 

Meanwhile, in Delhi this month The Imperial hosted Sheetai Rastogi’s Luxury Tribe. This exhibitor-meets-buyer event, held 11-13 March, included fireside chats on marketing strategies, and an overall summing-up stressed value of time, emotional behaviour, importance of trust and relationships, India’s diverse demographics and needs, and increasing wealth.

Why the need for all these meetings? They make economic and time sense. It does not make sense for destinations and hotels to traipse around the world to see a travel agent in Tulsa OK, another in Tunbridge Wells and another in Tangier. Much better to talk at an ‘event’, and get to know them at the networking that is an essential part of all such happenings.

Girlahead is actually writing this on departure for Copenhagen. For an event, headed by Christy Kuplic. Private Luxury.  Watch this space.