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Mauritius – Hong Kong – Russia

Fresh Island Style: Casual Entertaining and Inspirations from a Tropical Place, Rizzoli 2020, is supposedly ‘written’ by someone called Alicia Rountree  book but in fact the ghostwriter, Caitlin Leffel, obviously produced the words. Never mind, says Girlahead, the result is a useful, reader-friendly and useful book. Alicia Rountree, who is 35, is also a canny operator (perhaps she had to be, having been brought up on Mauritius with four older siblings).  She has 110,000 Instagram followers @aliciarountree and these must have been boosted by dating Jude Law in 2013. She models for such brands as Abercrombie & Fitch and Victoria’s Secret. She is, in addition, an investor in the New York-based Tartinery casual dining concept that sounds just right for today – such locations as Grand Central Station. Led by Nicolas Dutko, educated at Lausanne EHL, and with work experience at various St Regis hotels as well as at Mauritius’ Le Touessrok, Tartinery does indeed sell tartines, plus baked goods, and wines.  CLEVER.


It is also fascinating that an old-fashioned communication tool, a book, has been used by Alicia Rountree in her bid to be even more of a  KOL, a Key Opinion Leader, also known as Influencer. Every luxury hotel would like to have influencers that exceed expectations. Mandarin Orientals use Andy Murray as one of their FANS – the trouble is that in the well-directed ads he is smiling sweetly and thus unrecognisable, and on an adjacent page of the same newspaper he might be doing the trademark scowl (and then, this year, he was knocked out of the third round of Wimbledon on 2nd July, losing to Canadian Denis Shapovalov in three clear sets, 4-6, 2-6, 2-6).


Let us stop, slow down, and concentrate on nature and deep breathing. Hong Kong residents will be rushing to sign up for forest bathing, offered 22nd July as part of The Upper House’s wellness week, a partnership with Lululemon and Hong Kong Tatler. Forest bathing – technically Shinrin Yoku, the ancient Japanese practice of forest therapy – helps you feel grounded and connected. For this session, which starts at 7.15 a.m. at the Bowen Road entrance to Hong Kong Park, eight eyes-open wellness enthusiasts will meet up with Amanda Yik, Founder of Shinrin Yoku Hong Kong. The session will finish at 9 a.m. with refreshments at The Upper House.


Girlahead took short breaths to combat trucks’ ghastly fumes expulsion in Vladivostok, eastern Russia – the only respite seemed to be when in the hilltop commune of Canadian containers made into hotel rooms in Edmonton AL and shipped to Russia, along with Canadian hotel managers. Vladivostok is eastern reach of the territory overseen by Accor’s Duncan O’Rourke.  Hear him now, below: