Luxury Hotels


Oh Marrakech, arguably the most preferred destination not only for many leisure travellers but for meetings and events – the image above was taken at a Business of Luxury session at FOUR SEASONS MARRAKECH.

Yesterday was the start of PURE, the annual alternative luxury assembly for tip-top buyers to meet up with suppliers, sometimes with edgy and/or idiosyncratic hotels, resorts, camps, boats and planes. Most of the nearly-2,000 crowd was already in town.  Marrakech is just so attractive. The earthquake was late Friday. At 8pm on Saturday, PURE’s visionary founding Chairman Serge Dive issued a statement that showed what a French statesman is all about.’For those of you who are already on the ground in Marrakech, and have expressed a desire to come together as a community, we intend (with the encouragement and support of the local tourism authorities and our partners) to open PALAIS NAMASKAR  for a community-driven relief effort’, he said.

‘We know that conducting business meetings is far from everyone’s minds right now, but for those who are already in Marrakech and do want to come together while here, we are working on options to facilitate this in a very toned down format with no festivities. 

‘I truly believe that we have a unique opportunity for those who are already in Marrakech to strengthen our bond, reflect on the current event and to be a real force for good for the Moroccan community.’

Local expat residents rushed to help. There are said to be around 300 Brits living there. Vanessa Branson (sister of) owns EL FENN HOTEL and within a few hours her sons Louis and Noah were delivering emergency supplies. As Maui found a month ago, a devastating natural calamity should not kill tourism that is a livelihood for so many. We can all support Moroccan relief efforts from afar, and, when the time is right, support the country’s essential tourism industry