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Marrakech has a stunning new Jetex private jet facility

Adel Mardini

Last  Saturday, 1st February 2020, Marrakech, Morocco, saw the opening of the popular destination’s first private jet terminal, Jetex. The event was overseen by Morocco’s Minister of Tourism, HE Nadia Fettah Alaoui.  Also there was Jetex’s founder, Adel Mardini.  Fifteen economic and lifestyle writers came for two days, from around Morocco and from France. The opening event was catered by The Royal Mansour, the luxury hotel opened in 2010 at the request of the King, HM Mohammed VI as part of his bid to increase tourism to Morocco.

Already, Morocco sees over 11,000 private jet movements a year, of which about 50% go in or out of Marrakech.The Jetex operation, the fourth in Morocco, shows that aviation and luxury hospitality are natural partners.  The specially-built  1,000 sq. m. terminal, designed to be the  largest in North Africa and furnished with designer pieces by Zaha Hadid, seems like a luxury boutique, which is not surprising since Jetex partners with many of the world’s top brands.

Welcome to Jetex

Departing passengers relax in several private seating areas while Jetex concierges effect all departing emigration requirements. Duty-free can be ordered, there are drinks and Pierre Marcolini edibles, and games for kids. You are driven across the tarmac direct to the plane. (Arriving in Marrakech? The procedure is the same, in reverse).

Jetex is the world’s largest private jet terminal company. It has more than 30 locations, of which 17 are in France. Adel Mardini founded Jetex in 2005 . and