Luxury Hotels


Riad Kniza is a rare find in Marrakech. For those who want a riad, this offers much more than one expects. For others who are used to traditional hotels, this offers a taste of riad life with elegance and style added.

It all started because back in Toronto Cari Gray, of top global travel facilitator Gray & Co, heard Girlahead was in Marrakech. You must meet Mohammed Bouskri, she said. Mohammed came by sleek taxi to pick up the visitor, and he took her all of ten minutes to the riad, named after his daughter.

It’s GORGEOUS (a favourite room is #19, looking into an open courtyard, see a video, below). Air-con and WiFi throughout. Mohammed has been tour-guiding for decades (lucky clients) and he explained local customs, say painted cedar ceilings – see above. Moroccans love looking up at the sky and when there’s a closed ceiling, they decorate it.

Across the metre-wide road from the riad is the Bouskri family’s private museum, the ultimate collection of Berber robes and other textiles, and jewellery and china and more. Mohammed, a nonstop raconteur, showed how to recognise male and female logos woven or painted into overall designs. The collection, and its adjacent boutique of really covetable modern-Moroccan fashion, warrants a day or more. But tempus fugit and, this visit it was merely an appetizer – for more.