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It’s that time of year – party time, and after so many endless years (stretching into months) of close confinement, parties are wilder than ever.  In UK, there is a dire shortage of near-naked waiters ready to perform at hen parties that are bigger, wilder and more extravagant than ever.  One ‘hot butlers’ agency is able to give its members several bookings Fridays, Saturdays and other days too.

Marbella is always a party destination, and tomorrow is MARBELLA CLUB’s  annual San Juan party. It’s a simple formula. Pay your entrance fee, head for the beach, and party evening long, lots of food and endless drink, jump over flaming bonfires if you must but, whaever, have fun.  And the good thing is that some of the income goes to the resort’s Aula del Mar marine environment work.

Think Marbella Club and the name of Count Rudi, above left, springs to mind. Rudolf Graf von Schönburg, to give him his full name, is one of the key figures in the history of Marbella Club Hotel. Even at 88 he is there, in the hotel every day. To quote the great man: “I view myself as an Andalucian with a German passport and am very proud to be part of this community. I am strongly linked to the Old Town and the Town Hall. I was honoured to be elected as a Town Councilor and work alongside the Town Hall to help Marbella prosper in any way I can. I am incredibly proud that the town has dedicated a street to me and that they have made my wife an honorary citizen of Marbella.

‘Every day I wake up at 7am, walk into town to get some exercise and then start work. As long as I can continue to be useful to the Marbella Club and Marbella as a town I will keep working.”

Count Rudi married the Princess of Prussia over half a century ago. ‘On the job’ he has no title. He does not need one. He’s Ambassador, just as Frank Bowling was for so many years, first at THE PENINSULA BEVERLY HILLS and then MONTAGE BEVERLY HILLS. The ultimate ambassador list also includes Terry Holmes, one-time CEO of Cunard’s hotels(no more). And now Filip Boyen is Ambassador of Forbes Travel Guide FTG, supporting its CEO, Hermann Elger. Hear more about FTG, here: