Luxury Hotels


Winston Chesterfield, Barton Consulting, is a wealth specialist who really knows what he is talking about rather than just talking for the sake of it.   He’s a keynote speaker at the Serandipians by Traveller Made conference that starts today – he will give an update on UHNW population statistics, followed by an in-depth look at very wealthy consumers and their interactions with brands, and the impact this has on those brands. Serendipans’ conference, The Essence of Luxury, runs 27-29 March 2023 at THE MARBELLA CLUB.

This hotel is a legend, perpetuated by Count Rudi, above left. He’s Count Rudi von Schonburg, also known as Rudolf Graf von Schönburg, Conde Rudi Schönburg and Rudolf, Graf von Schönburg-Glauchau-Waldenburg.

Every hotel should have an ambassador. Frank Bowling, after running THE CARLYLE in New York, headed to California. He learned to drive and became ambassador first for THE PENINSULA BEVERLY HILLS and next for the now-MAYBOURNE BEVEERLY HOLMES.

Terry Holmes ran THE RITZ in London and rose up to become CEO of its owner, Cunard Hotels, Cunard then decided to concentrate on ships. It sold its land-based lodging and Terry Holmes put a red carnation in his lapel and has since been ambassador for, and public face of, Red Carnation Hotels.

Honestly, says Girlahead, ambassadors are much more valuable than so-called ‘influencers’.