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Mandarin Oriental and Oberoi – Technogym – Manchester – Byron Bay – Tourism Australia

This morning, Mandarin Oriental and Oberoi announced a strategic alliance. Among other initiatives, this will link Fans of MO with Oberoi One loyalists, and also expect culinary partnerships.


Technogym is the preferred fitness equipment of many enthusiasts, including Girlahead. Congratulations to this company to extend its offerings to offering exercise and nutrition ideas – yes, drink lots of water and think of the benefits of fresh fruit, above.


Tomorrow, 1st October, is the launch of Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester – the original English one, not a wannabe in, say, Vermont. The 270-room hotel started life in 1890 as headquarters of the Refuge Assurance Company. Apart from its new Kimpton branding, one of this property’s major advantages is its GM, Johan Scheepers, whom Girlahead first got to know when he was running the Maslow in Johannesburg (it was Scheepers, working with that hotel’s owner, Cosmas Cavaleros, who named it for American psychologist Abraham Maslow, 1908-1970, who favoured the hierarchy of needs, focussing on positive qualities of people rather than treating them as a bag of symptoms). This speaks volumes for the thoughtful empathy that guests will experience at Kimpton Clocktower Hotel.


An hour from Sydney, Raes on Wategos, Byron Bay, was started by Brisbane-born Vincent Rae, who then moved on to Paris. Now owned by the Catalano family and run by Francesca Webster, the celeb-studded seven-roomer has regular arts-culture partnerships, say with Commas sustainable resort wear, unisex. Tourism Australia, by the way, has won  World Media Award’s Travel & Tourism section for UM Australia’s From Country to Company.  World Media Group, which organises the awards, includes The Atlantic, BBC News Global, Bloomberg Media Group, The Economist, Forbes, Financial Times, National Geographic, The New York Times, Reuters, Time, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.