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Luxury treking, an English street fair, stylish send off from Heathrow

Mary Gostrelow at future Missoni resort in Brazil

Standing on the future Missoni resort in Brazil?

Every girl loves the thought of treking in the wild – and some do it.  It was only a few months ago I was on Ilha de Cajaiba, a 3,000-acre private island that is one of 56 islands in Bahia de Todos os Santos, Brazil.

Just came across this image.  I am standing where a future Missoni resort is planned – perhaps next time I shall have switch from New Zealand hat and English-Patient shorts for Missoni.

Luxury resorts makes me think again of our visit to a couple of weeks ago Castel Monastero (read, again, how much I loved that hotel, or rather converted village, and how life-changing the thoughtful massages of its consultant, Dr Ali are).

Englishwomen in the 21st century do NOT look like this

Englishwomen in the 21st century do NOT look like this, normally

Every girl loves dressing up, in treking or historical gear.  I have just had a night at home in England, and we cycled over to a neighbouring village.

As it happened (things always ‘happen’ in the life of a girl with her eyes open) there was a street fair, and the vendors, be they selling home made sweets or wooden picture frames, were togged up in traditional mob caps.

British Airways' Gold Club lounge at Heathrow

Welcome to British Airways' Gold Club lounge at Heathrow




And then, the story of life, it was back to Heathrow. Yes, there is a luxury airport experience there – British Airways’ Gold Club lounge is my home away from home, and I am always greeted by one of the two lifesize Mooi horse sculptures, by Dutch artist Marcel Wanders (the only other one I have seen is in Maison Pokrovka Suite Hotel, Moscow).  So, yet another flight, another day for this girlahead.