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Luxury travel trip: turn to a guru from time to time

Keep fit and well at Shanti Maurice (and sometimes there are gurus, too)

Simply Sunday.  Last week I shared how to beautify yourself at home.  This week my tip is – if you do not want to do it yourself, there are masses of gurus out there.

Coming up November 19-25, for instance, the idyllic luxury resort that is Shanti Maurice on the south-west coast of Mauritius turns itself into a retreat.

The hotel’s onsite boss Duarte Correia will be hosting Africology skincare brand specialists, and a Reiki Master.

There will also be an Inner Engineering Programme following the lessons of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, who is described as a yogi and mystic.

He founded the Isha Foundation (Isha means the formless primordial source of creation).  This is a volunteer-run, international non-profit organization aiming to cultivate the maximum of human potential.

So, girls, if you have the time and willpower, rush over to Mauritius, and hope Duarte Correia can find room for you on the programme.  If not, there is so much else to do at that lovely resort….