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Luxury travel trip – travel with a sense of humour

Person in a wheel, by Nathalie Decoster, displayed at The Grove, England

Simply Sunday.  Today’s tip is always pack your sense of humour – you never know when you might need it.

Right now I have an ultra-confident hotel manager who has brought me a cable (wireless not working), and when we get to the room, hey presto, he cannot find the data outlet…. a colleague later finds it, but the connecting wire is too short.

You might need the humour at the departure airport, when you cannot find a check-in desk for the charter flight to Antalya for the opening of Mardan Palace.

You might need in onboard, when you discover that you and the CEO of Bulgari have both been allocated the same seat on the flight to Tokyo.

On arrival, particularly in the Caribbean, how do you find your limousine driver when he thinks his job is to stuff your name-sign in his pocket…

At the hotel, humour becomes patience when the woman from South Bend IN, ahead of you at the only staffed check-in desk, meticulously shares all details of her past few days with the young receptionist.

Humour needs to be cosseted.  From time to time, let rip and go with it.  Enjoy the stunning sculptures in the gardens of The Grove, a Leading only 20 minutes’ drive from Heathrow, and then take humour on with you, for your next trip.