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Luxury travel trip – travel is, simply, part of lifestyle

Use your hotel stay to learn more about fashion and so on

Use your hotel stay to learn more about fashion and so on

Simply Sunday.  There is travel that is a commodity, like having to be somewhere for a meeting or similar. And there is travel that is enhancing the education of one’s life, which is lifestyle. And lifestyle is fashion and music, and culture generally.

The best luxury hotels realise this. They offer yoga and cooking lessons, and art classes and nature walks. They also interact with local purveyors – the InterContinental concierges are particularly good at this, suggesting local ‘insider’ experiences.

Luxury retail brands realise this, too. At Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai, and at The Peninsula hotels in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai, literally dozens of fabulous-brand stores make it easier for hotel guests to choose what they want. (Airports have been aware of the importance of targeted shopping to captive consumers for years – more hotels need to get in on the act.)  So, dear reader, follow GirlAhead and use your hotel stay for general lifestyle enhancement.