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Luxury travel tips: keeping fit

Bradley Wiggins in action...

Simply Sunday.  Today’s tip is keep fit.

No, you do not need to emulate the marvellous, wonderful Bradley Wiggins – seen here two days before the last stage of WINNING Le Tour de France.

He goes on a gluten-free diet, gives up specific meals in favour of eating whatever he can whenever he can.

For followers of, HER specific secret is exercise before a flight, and as soon as possible afterwards.

At airports, avoid escalators in favour of stairs, and walking instead of people-movers, and never use an airport buggy unless you have broken your leg or are accompanying a geriatric or disabled someone.

In hotels, be first in the gym or the pool, to avoid the crowds.

And by the way be polite when exercising (that includes cleaning that Technogym runner after you have sweated over it).  Bradley Wiggins, by the way, is renowned for his manners and thoughtfulness.

When some miscreant put tacks on the path the other day, which of course resulted in dozens of immediate punctures, he told his Team Sky to let them catch up.  It is the honorable thing to do.

Bradley Wiggins is on his way to becoming the greatest living English sportsman – and he is funny and highly articulate into the bargain.