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Luxury travel tip: watch out what bathroom toiletry does what

Aromatherapy Associates toiletries are easy to identify - Shanghai Tang's, behind, are not

Simply Sunday.  I learned a long time ago that the girl guide (and scout) motto ‘Be prepared’ serves any girl, any age.

Take hotel bathrooms. Luxury hotels now have magnifying mirrors as standard items in all bathrooms: the best of those hotels have two basins, with magnifying mirrors by both. The ideal mirrors are wall-set, with lights.

But how I wish hotels would also have a pair of magnifying eye-glasses as standard bathroom kit. Have you, too, noticed how housekeeping people seem to put the shampoo, conditioner and shower gel in their order, not yours?

They may also change the order, at evening turndown.  This can lead to the annoyance of washing one’s body in hair conditioner…

I am now disciplined enough that, last thing at night, I check that, ready for my morning routine, the line-up in the shower is shampoo on left, then conditioner, then shower gel.

And how I wish all suppliers and designers would follow Aromatherapy Associates and use different colours for each product. The photo shows, behind, one of the least customer-thoughtful products.

My beloved Shanghai Tang is now doing bathroom stuff. You cannot read the lettering and the container designs are, frankly, pretty tacky.