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Luxury travel tip – try something new

Dehydrated vegetables at The Oberoi, Mumbai

Dehydrated vegetables at The Oberoi, Mumbai

The gal tends to be somewhat conservative in her dining habits but once in a while she says a big WOW.  This was the amuse, ‘chef’s compliments’, sent out by the kitchen at that glorious luxury hotel, The Oberoi Mumbai.

What is it, you might well ask?  Dehydrated vegetables, done in a dehydrating machine. What does this do? I might well ask.  I later researched.  According to a Colorado State University trio, the process does not change calorie, fibre or vitamin content but the flavour is more concentrated. So, that was my educational for today… and I had tried something new, into the bargain, something I would never have chosen voluntarily but boy, the flavour was truly memorable.

And then our lunch, in the hotel’s all-day Fenix, continued.  I do like the Oberoi hotels’ servers uniforms, highlighted by white waist aprons over white, intentionally-large, shirts with Nehru collars. Spotless, of course.