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Luxury travel tip: think before you shop for souvenirs

Seen on a London tube, a Mexican hat (with an embarrassed returning male behind it)

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Were she French, girlahead would be forbidden by President Hollande from working more than 35 hours a week, let alone 23.5 hours per day – but it is not work, stupid, it is PASSION.

Solution. Every Sunday girlahead will offer a travel tip, something indispensible when it comes to coping with international life.

Today’s message is think ahead.  Do not buy gifts that you cannot transport and that will not be appreciated.

This English guy had just returned to London’s Heathrow airport and he was carrying the Mexican hat he had brought back for his mother in Yorkshire.

So far the hat has survived the Atlantic flight and waiting for ages at the UK’s Border Security. Now it had to survive a London tube (underground metro) and a train journey.

And, honestly, can you see any respecting mother wearing such a hat in the English non-summer?