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Luxury travel tip, take what you might need, with you

Take your own adaptors

Take your own adaptors

Simply Sunday.  I have said it before and I will say it again, Be Prepared – yes, it is the Girl Guides’ marching song and it works throughout life.  Even in the most iconic luxury hotels you need to be self-sufficient.

Make sure you have clothes for any occasion, even if, like me, you travel for up to three weeks with everything merely in a Porsche Rimowa wheelie.  I have a long black and gold scarf that is my fitness-stretch band for floor exercises.  It has also been used as a belt, and as a shoulder strap.  As you already know, I carry two empty water bottles, to be filled for use as weights.

And adaptors… well, until it is as universal as sliced bread to have international sockets in all luxury hotels, make sure you carry what you need.  Yes, hotels might have adaptors but getting them can take time, and the inconvenience of opening your door when you are stark naked.  Sadly, the marvellous blue go-anywhere-item that I bought in Sofia a few years ago has broken, and is not replaceable.  The two shown are best I can do at the moment.  My preference is on the right, the Go Travel three-in-one, which means only carrying one item, but I wish it were a bright, easy-see colour.