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Luxury travel tip, take a bath to recover after a flight

Take a bath, gal

Take a bath, gal

Simply Sunday.  After a long flight to Rio de Janeiro, I plunged into the bathtub in my lovely rooftop room at Copacabana Palace – I was just soaking and de-stressing when my friend Philip called (telephoned, rather than ‘called by’).  Anyone else and I would have been livid.

Like handerchiefs, you only need a bathtub when you have not got one – but see this one shown, and I would leap in, any time.  Stay in some hotels and they offer a bath butler, who will draw a bath with rose petals flowing in it, have champagne standing by and charge you a fortune.  One luxury hotel in Beijing has a bath menu, no prices listed but they need 24 hours’ notice.  Really?

Actually I have just discovered Le Bain products, from Grasse (I was introduced to them at the gorgeous Terre Blanche, near Grasse).  Le Bain’s malacite bath capsules are divine. Pop one in the tub and it fizzes and as it dissolves the water turns a lovely malachite green. Have a soak, wherever, and thoughts of jet lag disappear.  Of course one could always add a glass of Dom Pérignon, or a Hendrick’s (with cucumber, to match the malachite).