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Luxury travel tip – go for style not fashion

Victoria Beckham epitomises style

Victoria Beckham epitomises style

Simply Sunday.  Looking at all the ghastly ‘haute couture’ photos in today’s Sunday papers I am more than ever convinced that these make-a-statement clothes are not for wearing.  They are for BURNING. They are ghastly. As someone who travels over 300 days a year – yes really – I also know that fashion and luxury travel do not go hand in hand.  What one needs when travelling is STYLE not fashion.

Let us face the facts.  What is fashionable in New York is not in fashion in Namibia, and vice versa.   What New York decrees in the way of flounces and peplums is absolutely incompatible with the divine confines of best carry-on travel baggage, say by Rimowa.  People also remember if you wear that plum-coloured Georgina Chapman number once, which means you cannot wear it again.  They do not remember if you wore a simple shift yesterday but today, making its second appearance, it has a scarf tied round it…

Go for style.  Victoria Beckham, shown, has style.  Princess Charlene of Monaco has style.  The gal says go for it, go style rather than fashion