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Luxury travel tip – try a simple local dish

Spaghetti al pomodoro, at Bulgari Hotel Milan

Simply Sunday.  The best foods in a travel life might be the 20-servings that René Redzepi offers at Noma in Copenhagen.

One day, he might put on his daily menu Pike perch and cabbage, verbena and dill, finishing with Blueberries and ants.

Alternatively, Down Under in Wellington New Zealand, local gourmets rave about Paul Hoather’s cooking at the White House Restaurant, a finalist for Cuisine magazine’s NZ Restaurant of the Year 2012.

He might suggest something with free-range Waimarino pork, and a dessert that uses Zany Zeus organic cream…

But, and here is the tip, do not forget a local staple.  Wherever you are, try what the locals call comfort food.

At the luxury Bulgari Hotel Milan – a conversion of an early 18th century convent – try chef Elio Sironi’s spaghetti al pomodoro.

You get a bowl, with spaghetti al dente, and tomato sauce that is, of course, so fresh you think it just fell off the vine.  Atop this is a dollop of goat’s cream cheese. Blend it in, swirl it around, enjoy. GOSH what a taste.