Luxury travel tip – Know your shoes


Zebra Pendant Platform by Girl Two Doors Down

Simply Sunday. Everything in my own travel wardrobe must be versatile.

Black leggings are used for running, in colder climes, and for evening wear under a black minidress.

A long black and gold scarf is used as such, or as a belt and, daily, for stretch exercises when I first get up.

Shoes must similarly be multi-tasking. My black Nike trainers are for running, and wearing for everyday under black full-length trousers.

They even went to a boma the other night, worn with bronze leggings under English Patient shorts and a leopard print T-shirt.

I love the new Girl Two Doors Down designer flip-flops, as worn by Jessica Alba, Halle Berry and Eva Longoria.

The range even has wedding versions, with jewels attached that say ‘ha ha, look how much money has been spent’.

Try a pair, now.