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Luxury travel tip – be self-sufficient

He is not carrying his own headset....

He is not carrying his own headset….

Simply Sunday.  Be prepared – be self-sufficient.  This guy on the left, on a Technogym elliptical, got caught out.  He is obviously not travelling with his own headset. Rather like a handkerchief, you only need it when you have not got it….  most gyms provide headsets (the best have new, disposable sets) but you can never be sure.  I therefore always take my own, actually the headset from my iPhone.

Self-sufficiency when travelling is so important.  Having been caught out after the volanic ash debacle three years ago, I now always carry a copy of prescriptions for all necessary medications, and I have a couple of days’ extra supply of actual pills on any trip. I take a second pair of eye-glasses, and so on.  You never know.  Happy travelling!