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Luxury travel tip, revel in any healthy-food find

The Counter's burger, on salad rather than a bun

The Counter’s burger, on salad rather than a bun

It only seemed like a couple of years ago that you could not find anything other than artificial junk to eat at US airports. But, thank goodness for the gal’s sake, the situation has improved dramatically.

The other day, at Miami, I found  the Premium (=Oneworld) lounge does not open until 1300 so thanks to a helpful buggy driver, I was directed to a fabulous build-your-own burger outlet, The Counter. You order from a tick-box sheet on a clipboard, Bun (choose type, adding $1.75 for gluten-free) or salad base (choose type), choose protein for patty (the beef is 100% natural Angus, hormone- and antibiotic-free), want cheese (which of eight types?)? Add fries, sweet potato fries, avocado, tomato and so on. Choose a sauce. I was with a friend and our bill for two came to $40 and well worth every cent.

Simply Sunday.  Life is getting better in some respects, especially when it comes to airport eating.