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Luxury travel tip, remember the unusual

Bike on corridor

Bike on corridor

At Hotel Eclat, Beijing, there is a guard of honour of bicycles on the 17th floor corridor – yes, really.  This is one – there are fur-covered models, by Prada, and tiny ones and big ones.  In themselves they are not unique but well, in a hotel corridor, leading to bedrooms?

Mind you, the owner of this hotel, and its sister hotel, Hotel Eclat, Taipei, is probably just a little eccentric, to say the least. At that hotel, I stayed in room 1010, with a full-sized Murano violin and a – real – $48,000 Hästens bed.  I shall always remember that hotel. Similarly, I will always remember Hotel Eclat Beijing, for its bicycles, and its – real – Dalis and Warhols and more modern Chinese art and sculpture than most museums.

These are things that are easy to remember.  If only I could send a message to owners and developers of luxury hotels.  Please put in something that consumers will remember. It does not have to be a $48,000 bed or magnificent art work, merely something different, so that customers will remember your luxury hotel, and want to come back.