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Luxury travel tip – make packing easy

Pile everything neatly, as in a luxury store, before packing

Simply Sunday.

Everyone hates packing but everyone who travels has to do it – unless they have a butler, a maid, an aide or ‘another half’.

Yes, even the gal packs, but it only takes about ten minutes.

The secret is to have everything laid out ahead of time.

I only travel with clothes that take up minimal room and everything has to pack flat.

I like mix-and-match cottons.  I display in colours, like a Neiman-Marcus store (well, it makes ME feel good, at least).

Do not forget two bikinis, one to be used for gym work. Medical kit and make up go in plastic bags.

Shoes, padded with underwear, are held by elastic bands.  I never forget my pack-flat, washing-machine-friendly Hokianga hat, from New Zealand, and, now, my Girl Two Doors Down shoes.

Everything goes in the Porsche Design Rimowa – and I am away, again.

Happy travelling everyone.