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Luxury travel tip: how to pack, handbaggage only, for a long trip

The world-travelling wheelie bag (an apple gives scale)

Simply Sunday.  I am asked at least once a day how I pack for a long trip without checking a bag. I have just been on a 20-day trip with my beloved Porsche Design wheelie, by Rimowa.

The trip involved staying in luxury hotels for one formal and one informal conference, and sightseeing days and lots of business meetings. This meant I needed three evening outfits and two business jackets.

First, the same basics go everywhere in today’s luxury lifestyle.  They include my go-anywhere electric adaptor, a first aid kit in clear plastic pouch, so I can see the contents, BlackBerry charger and an alarm clock (never, ever, trust hotels).

Basics in the net divider inside the suitcase include download wire, eyebrow tweezers with mirror, spare MacBook Pro charger, eyeliner and Bobbi Brown nude palette, a Montblanc refill and lots of small plastic bags and elastic bands.

Clothes that always go with me are night gear, workout gear with baseball cap, running shoes and either gold sandals or bronze shoes, and black evening shoes, all flat.

Many things double up.  Bronze leggings go with two of the evening mini-dresses. My workout vest can be worn for sightseeing.

A long black and gold scarf, used for floor exercise stretches, can if necessary be an evening tie, or belt.

Anyone can have their own ten best things to take list but the best tip for packing right is to lay everything out before, and pack the day before a trip.