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Luxury travel tip, multi-task darling

Is this a coffee shop or a gym?

Is this a coffee shop or a gym?

Simply Sunday. The more the gal can multi-task as she travels the world the more time she has – for friends and family, and life in general.

How I wish suppliers of luxury travel products would make multi-tasking easier.  Why, when a restaurant is WiFi enabled, are breakfast tables for single guests often too small to accommodate a lap-top plus fruit, yoghurt, toast, eggs, juice, water, coffee?

Well done to Jumeirah Emirates Towers, Dubai.  The entrance to its spectacular Talise gym is a coffee venue.  Help yourself to coffee, lounge, sit at the big communal tables and work, or read the Financial Times provided.  I think someone should start a multi-tasking award (in which case this would warrant a prize).