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Jetpacking in the Maldives

Jetpacking in the Maldives

Simply Sunday. Be aware of what is new, even if you do not partake.

The first time the gal saw a Segway she thought it pretty silly (she still does, why not get off and walk and use calories and muscles).

The first time she saw a jetpack she thought it pretty silly.  She still does.  Why does anyone want to look as though they are being sucked up by a Hoover and/or being simultaneously strangled.

In 2010 Time magazine named a New Zealand product, the Martin Jetpack from Martin Aircraft Company, one of the top 50 inventions of the year.   The Martin version does not even need a man or woman, it can be an un-peopled drone.

The best thing, surely, is to dam this thing before it goes the way of the jet ski, becoming the daily plaything of young rich boys in Abu Dhabi who have no thoughtfulness for others.   Anyway, if YOU want to try jet packing, head for one of the luxury resorts in the Maldives that offer them – or to Glenn Martin in Christchurch, the Down Under one rather than the extremely-sedate English one.  Good luck!