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Luxury travel tip: history makes sense of today

The iconic Beverly Hills Hotel

Simply Sunday.  Time to reflect on history.  A hundred years ago Burton Green, President of Rodeo Land & Water Company, built a luxury hotel which he called Beverly Hills.

It went through various phases – it even closed during the Great Depression, and was later re-opened by a consortium that included Loretta Young.

Now, the ‘pink palace’ is one of the jewels of the Dorchester Collection.  This year, the hotel that, yes, gave it name to the City of Beverly Hills, is being honoured by that city as its first Historic Landmark.

September 6th, 2012 will be the Beverly Hills Hotel Day.  A time capsule buried at the time of a later closing, for refurbishment in 1993, will be dug up – will it contain souvenirs from nearby Rodeo Drive, the world’s most famous luxury shopping street?

A new time capsule will be buried (what will it include? The gal suggests a photo of Argentinian breakfast waiter Josef, and one of the fabulous bath-towels that really, really DRY.)

Well done to this luxury hotel.  Oh, and by the way, entries for the world’s best airline food are still requested.  Please send them to