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Luxury travel tip – give up high fashion if you travel seriously

Mr and Mrs Kanye West, March 2015

Mr and Mrs Kanye West, March 2015

Simply Sunday.  The gal gave up Louboutins and Manolos a long time ago, partly because of a wonky foot but also because travelling fashionista style

– takes up too much suitcase space

– takes up too much packing and unpacking space and

– is simply impractical.

Look at this picture of Kim Kardashian, with terrier-dog-cum husband Kanye West at her adoring side.  The garment is magnificent, with long fringes off the jacket sleeves and forming, with little else, the skirt.  She was at this March’s Paris Fashion Week and frankly I think she is more stylish and fashionable than anything on the actual catwalk.

But try travelling with an outfit like this!  Apart from anything else you could only wear it once as everyone would notice a second outing.  And think what luxury hotels’ laundries would do to that fringe…