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Luxury travel tip – give ’em champagne

Champagne at any time

Champagne at any time

Simply Sunday.  If in doubt, give Champagne, and it must be real, Champagne rather than champenoise or bubbly (although the First Man in my own life adores Pro Secco so that is allowed).

I have written before about my Russian friend (in the running to be in the privileged ranks of Second Men in my life). He hated a CNN party so much that he will never go to a CNN do again. Why?  They served fresh orange juice but he had to buy his own bubbly.  He drinks Champagne, but he also uses it for photos – he nearly missed a flight the other day as he was too busy, in the First Class lounge, building pyramids of flutes.  Here, he has posed a flute, still full, in an arc line with Burj al-Arab behind.

Many years ago I started work on a Champagne diet book and if you think that is a contradiction in terms – yes, another oxymoron – you are wrong.  I remember staying at Ritz-Carlton Montreal, in the pre-renovation, pre-Torriani days, and having the real-stuff with breakfast, lunch and dinner, and yes, I did lose a couple of pounds. Champagne is life, and luxury travellers need to appreciate every bubble of life.