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Luxury travel tip: flying food does make a difference

Roast beetroot starter,  British Airways

Roast beetroot starter, British Airways

Simply Sunday.   All things being equal, let food be the distinguishing factor. This week I took two international flights, both business class.

The first was with Aerolineas Argentinas, which I chose because of its timing and its price. On the 70-minute flight, at dinner time, we all got a no-choice snack. The cardboard boxes were colourful enough, and promised the contents inside were from Argentina.  Perhaps they were, or at least last century, or, to be charitable, last week. The most promising of the items was a plastic-wrapped brown-bread ham and cheese sandwich.  The bread had turned to inedible leather, the ham was hard and slightly oily, as was the cheese.

The second flight was with British Airways, which I chose because I always do.  On the 12-hour flight the first meal had a choice of starters, including this incredibly healthy salad, of cheese topped by a whole roasted beetroot, and some greenery and little bursts of pesto.  I felt good, as I did throughout the entire flight.

Yes, food does make a difference, even when flying.