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Luxury travel tip, fly as beautifully as you can

First class suite - Emirates airlines

Oleg K’s shot of his seat on Emirates

Simply Sunday.  Winner of the most beautiful flight photo goes to Oleg K, who invited girlahead to see his seat on an Emirates flight from Dubai to Tokyo.

We know it well, but never well enough.  This is indeed the beautiful way to fly.

Sit up front on Emirates and you have your own room, complete with Hollywood mirror and a full set of Clarins makeup, to doll yourself up in front of those lights.

Add a little orchid touch to your Dom Perignon and you are away…

Now I hear Emirates is going to partner with Qantas.   Last time I flew to New Zealand it was in an Emirates seat just like this (and whereas Oleg K invited girlahead to see his seat, the offer was not reciprocated.)

One fears that if Qantas take over the operations of some of what are now Emirates flight, the boys and girls of the Aussie airline will give up on Clarins and Hollywood mirrors and the DP and switch to Sodashi, unisex lighting and a glass of Chandon…

But, while it lasts, this week’s travel tip is fly beautifully as long as you can.