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Luxury travel tip, enjoy glitz from time to time

Jimmy Choo martini

Jimmy Choo martini

Simply Sunday.  Life is never boring for the gal, who relishes every five minutes added to her 24/7 life.  From time to time highlights appear, however.  For instance…. I would just love right now to head to the world’s tallest hotel for a Jimmy Choo martini.

A WHAT?  This is it. The raspberry and vodka smoothie is topped by a cotton berry ‘cloud’, surmounted by a tiny shoe.

And WHERE? at Ozone, on the 118th floor of 1,574-foot high The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong. Oh what a treat – and I would go on and have dinner at Tosca, which is Michelin-starred, perhaps starting with his taglioni with chestnut porcini. Yes, everyone needs a treat from time to time.