Luxury travel tip: eat well, stay well

Visit the hotel farm at Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Hotel

Simply Sunday.  Travel alone or travel as a family, it is all the same, eat well and stay well.

At Kunshan, 50 miles west of Shanghai (a mere 18 minutes by high speed train), Fairmont Yangcheng Lake Hotel has come up with a clever idea.

The hotel operates its own farm, producing nearly all the fresh produce for the needs of its guests.

Other hotels do this – Kempinski Estepona springs to mind.  But Phil Smith, who runs the Fairmont, invites his guests to participate in the farm venture.

You can walk through it, admire the produce that you might later be eating. You can also take a bag of, say, just-picked tomatoes back home as souvenir.

This is no good if you are head of Bobbi Brown for China and you are just about to fly to Hong Kong for your next meeting but it is great if you are only travelling locally.  Whatever, you will have even happier memories of your stay.

Simple.  Eat fresh, eat well, stay well.