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Kiearan Macdonald and Family Trade

Kiearan MacDonald and Family Trade

Is the past really more interesting than the present, wonders the gal?  Sometimes a little voice says Yes, but most of the time another little voice says NO, appreciate today, which many people do not – the newspapers, certainly, are full of nothing but doom and woe, as though we were all born on a Monday.

Think positively. I happened to call in on The American Bar at The Savoy, a Fairmont hotel, and loved its recreation of cocktails going back to 1889, the year of its birth – the earliest commemorative cocktails include La Dame de Fer, a reminder that the Eiffel Tower is also that vintage (Château Boulard Calvados, Trois Rivière Rhum, lemon juice, sugar syrup, leather-infused Angostura bitters, and matcha tea dust, if you want that brew).  I preferred the cocktail of the moment, Family Trade, a reminder of the fact that the Nolet family has been distilling Ketel One vodka for ten centuries. Here it is, held by the boss of the Savoy, Kieran MacDonald – it is blended with the luxury hotel’s own-made copper and corn cordial, and stirred with Savoy Dry vermouth.

And, guess what, it is ABSOLUTELY delicious.  This champagne and wine drinker learned something, positively.