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The Official Design Capital Cocktail - in Cape Town

The Official Design Capital Cocktail – in Cape Town

Simply Sunday. 2014 is Cape Town‘s year.  It is the World Capital of Design, and so it will publicise itself, all year and more.  The city is stressing its old buildings and its heritage – Company’s Gardens, laid out by Jan van Riebeck in 1652 as a vegetable garden, to provide produce for East India ships, Belmond Mount Nelson, originally land belonging to an 18th century Governor, Baron Pieter Van Rheede van Oudtshoorn, rows of fascinating town houses, museums and galleries. And the new, the vibrancy of Cape Town’s arts and crafts, its movie business and more.

One&Only Cape Town has a unique celebration of the year – Official World Design Cocktail, a blend of Collison’s White Gold Brandy, rooibos syrup, apple and lime juices and a dab of WDC2014 yellow.  Believe it or not, I found it absolutely gorgeous, even at lunch, but I only had a sip (it went so well with Southern Right oysters…)  Today’s travel tip, drink something like a Singapore Sling in Singapore, Gin in Amsterdam – and you remember where you have been in your luxury travels.