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Luxury travel tip – don’t you wish you could be a kid (no not really)?

Little Miss Embarrassed?

Little Miss Embarrassed?

Simply Sunday.  Sometimes we all long to be kids but really, what on earth makes parents put their offspring into sometimes embarrassing situations?  The gal thinks this little one, who poor thing went viral on social media, must have been the laughing stock of all her kindergarten mates (thanks, Chris Kucway, for passing it on). I mean even Kim Kardashian does not put North West into a sushi suit.

Talking of Kim K, I heard that as a result of her appearance on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, one resort in Phuket – Iniala Beach House, to be exact – got all its ten rooms booked, one reservation, for 16 nights.  That is $33,500 times 16, plus all food, drinks, spa and so on, and taxes (but then perhaps drinks did not add up too much as the booking was from Saudi Arabia).

I learn something every day. How come luxury hotels can benefit from the world’s best untrained media star?  By contrast, I am sure they would not benefit at all by offering kids sushi suits, but I may be wrong.