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Luxury travel tip – don’t trust anything that tries to hid

Bastardised DRC bottle after a 'connoisseur' tasting

Bastardised DRC bottle after a ‘connoisseur’ tasting

Simply Sunday.  When I saw this graffiti-covered wine label I was horrified – it is a rare Domaine de la Romanée-Conti bottle, one of a flight of extremely precious wines at a tasting in France last week.  When it was all over, and the noses had sipped and swilled to their hearts’ content, the guy in charge bastardised all the labels.  Why?  That puts me off DRC for life.  The arrogance of it all.  And as Girlahead followers know, arrogance is for the birds.

In luxury travel look for generous sharing, and share back.  Arrogance has no part, not even a walk on and non-speaking appearance.