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Luxury travel tip, clear your bill BEFORE you need to leave

The front desk at Vivanta Bekal, Kerala

The front desk at Vivanta by Taj, Bekal, Kerala

Simply Sunday.  I do not know about you but I want a proper check-out when leaving a hotel.  I want to see the final bill and have it cleared.  Rely on instant or speedy check-out, with the receipt sent on, and all too often, even in the best luxury hotels, you find someone else’s bottle of Dom Pérignon charged to your account.

And here is this week’s tip.  Do not wait until you are about to leave but settle your bill shortly ahead of time.

You never know how many others are already trying to check out, or if there is one annoying person who likes the sound of his own voice and is using the solitary cashier or reception clerk as a listening post.

This maxim of thinking ahead, by the way, also applies to clearing the inroom safe.  Again, do not wait until you are about to rush out, enroute to the airport, to get things out of the safe.

Leave at least half an hour in hand.  Murphy’s Law has it that if the safe will not open for some reason, it is just when you are in a real hurry.

Any luxury hotel’s security staff can open your safe with a special device, but it does take a little time.  Have a lovely day!