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SLS LUX bathroom

SLS LUX bathroom

This is simply one of the world’s most sexy bathrooms – but it does not have a tub and  it is not open yet.  You will have to wait until Spring 2015 to stay at SLS LUX at Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas, says the gal.

When you do get there, you will find one of the most sensational new hotel designs on the world market.  The walls of the shower stalls are what is called diachronous glass (think back to physics lessons when you put different coloured oils on glass…).

There is lots more that is unique about SLS LUX’s rooms. Minibars are hidden in white standing trolleys with outside white wheels… there are lots of hooks, and baskets, to hold things in the Bahamian way (they call both hooks and baskets ‘throws’).

This is the first SLS outside the USA, and this is the first new-brand SLS LUX. Read more, and about the amazing entire Baha Mar complex, in the next few days, exclusively here on GirlAhead.