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Luxury travel tip – add a bit of culture (even fashion)

I love looking at others when travelling...

Simply Sunday.  Head for culture as a break from travel.  The routine of getting to airport, checking in, flying, arriving and picking up baggage, getting to hotel, checking in, staying, checking out, getting to airport and so on can become as monotonous as a mouse in a treadmill.  That animal, however, has nothing to think about.  The traveller on the move, even a luxury traveller, has constantly to be thinking about such details as right day, right time, right papers, right passport?  Every time you leave a plane you have to make sure you have all your belongings – I know this to my cost, having lost my jewellery pouch on one flight.  Leaving a hotel, have you cleared your safe, and taken your bikini (hanging up in the bathroom to dry)?

A bit of culture, including fashion, helps to break the monotony. I love looking at what others are wearing.  I was trying to think how The Dorchester Collection’s annual fashion prize aids the traveller…  This year it was won by the Berlin-based duo Augustin Teboul (Annelie Augustin and Odely Teboul).  Judges included Kenzo, and they won 30,000 euros and a two-night stay in a Dorchester Collection hotel in Milan or Paris during spring 2013.   My answer is that the prize shows how The Dorchester Collection supports the extended art world, and that should make the luxury traveller feel good.